Maximizing Non-Profit Outreach & Engagement with Text Messaging and Twilio

Boost Your Non-Profit's Outreach and Engagement with Text Messaging and Twilio's Impact Access Program

Twilio's Impact Access Program

Text Communications with Twilio: A Game-Changer for Non-Profits

Text messaging has become a crucial part of modern communication, and for non-profits, it can be an especially powerful tool for outreach and engagement. That's why we're excited to announce that Mobilize CRM is now integrated with Twilio, a leading provider of phone and text services. With Twilio, you can easily send and receive texts from within Mobilize, as well as connect with your supporters via WhatsApp for social media engagement. Plus, as a special offer for our users, Twilio is providing $500 in credits to get you started!

So why is text messaging such a valuable tool for non-profits? There are a few key reasons:

  • It's fast and convenient: Most people have their phones with them at all times, and texts are a quick and easy way to get in touch. This can be especially important for time-sensitive updates or urgent calls to action.
  • It has high open and response rates: Text messages have some of the highest open and response rates of any form of communication, making them a great way to reach your supporters.
  • It's cost-effective: Phone calls can be expensive, especially if you're trying to reach a large number of people. Text messaging, on the other hand, is a much more cost-effective option, especially with the credits provided by Twilio.

So how can you use text messaging through Mobilize and Twilio to benefit your non-profit? Here are a few ideas:

  1. Send updates and reminders: Use text messaging to keep your supporters in the loop about upcoming events, fundraising campaigns, or other important updates. You can even set up automated reminders to ensure that people don't forget.
  2. Conduct surveys and polls: Text messaging is a quick and easy way to gather feedback from your supporters. Whether you want to gauge interest in a new program or get opinions on a specific issue, text messaging is a great way to do it.
  3. Engage with supporters via WhatsApp: With Twilio, you can easily connect with your supporters via WhatsApp, a popular messaging app. This can be a great way to build more personal connections and have real-time conversations with your supporters.
  4. Send automated responses: Twilio's API allows you to set up automated responses to certain keywords or phrases. For example, you could set up a text message that is automatically sent to anyone who texts "Donate" with a link to your donation page.
  5. Use text-to-give: Twilio's text-to-give feature makes it easy for supporters to donate to your organization via text message. All they have to do is text a keyword and an amount to a specific number, and the donation will be processed automatically.

Overall, text messaging is a powerful tool that can help you more effectively communicate with and engage your supporters. With Mobilize CRM's integration with Twilio, it's easier than ever to take advantage of this valuable resource. So why wait? Start using text messaging to boost your outreach and engagement today!